Cedar Creek Elementary


October 27, 2017



Dear Cedar Creek Family,



At Cedar Creek Elementary School we are fortunate to have tremendous support from our parents. We value the time and resources you provide to our campus. One of the important groups directly supporting Cedar Creek is the Eanes Education Foundation (EEF). The Eanes Education Foundation helps fund school positions that are not required by the state. Last year, EEF funded over 50 staff positions district-wide.  Here at Cedar Creek, we have four amazing positions funded by EEF. At Cedar Creek, Mr. Jesse Henson, our art teacher, Mrs. Tanna Fiske, our educational technologist, Mrs. Angela Kennedy, our counselor, and Mrs. Allison Eicke, our campus support specialist are all supported with our EEF funds. 



In his role as art teacher, Mr. Henson provides differentiated art instruction for each grade level.  He strives to bring real-life art experiences to his students. For example, under Mr. Henson's leadership, our fourth grade students participate in several lessons at the Blanton Art Museum. One of Mr. Henson's students said, "Mr. Henson is really nice and I like the idea of the 'beautiful oops' in our art class."

In her role as educational technologist, Mrs. Fiske enthusiastically facilitates the use of technology in our classrooms.  In addition to assisting students, Mrs. Fiske co-teaches lessons with staff members using the video discussion app Flipgrid.  One student states, "Mrs. Fiske has a magical superpower using technology.  She is really nice and I like her hair!" Each day, Mrs. Kennedy helps many students at Cedar Creek.  In conjunction with our other counselor, Mr. Smith, she provides student guidance lessons, facilitates new student lunch groups and assists individual students.  In addition to these very visible roles, Mrs. Kennedy serves as our 504 and STAAR coordinator.  Students share, "Mrs. Kennedy is really thoughtful.  Whenever someone is angry, she helps them calm down." Another invaluable member of our staff is our campus support specialist, Mrs. Eicke.  As our campus support specialist, Mrs. Eicke supports students who benefit from small group reading assistance. As our dyslexia specialist, she provides targeted and systematic instruction to her students.  Students state, "Mrs. Eicke helps us with our reading and spelling. She always gives me a high five when she sees me." Not only is Mrs. Eicke adored by her students, she is respected by her peers and last year was chosen to represent our campus as our CCE Educator of the Year. As you can see, all CCE students directly benefit from their interactions with Mr. Henson, Mrs. Fiske, Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Eicke here at Cedar Creek. 



Please consider supporting the aforementioned staff members and the other wonderful EISD teachers with an EEF donation.  There is an EEF class participation display on our Butterfly Garden.  Our competitions are based on participation, not dollar amount.  As many of you know, there is also an EEF competition between the elementary schools. In years past, I have volunteered to do something wacky and fun to encourage participation in the EEF drive.  One year I wore a live snake and another year I was slimed!  This year I have agreed to dress as "Yoda" from Star Wars for a day if Cedar Creek has the highest number of participating families.  "Win you will, if everyone participates!" 



Warm regards,

Jessica Brown




3301 Pinnacle Road, Austin, Texas 78746


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