Cedar Creek ES EANESpiration Winners, 2017

image of VVE EANESpiration Winners

Educational Impact

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Mr. Casey Conway
Mr. Conway is extremely dedicated to meeting each student's varied individual needs. He moves around the building, easily adapting to each new situation and always maintains high standards for himself and his students. As part of his continued professional growth, Mr. Conway is currently studying to receive his teaching credentials and will become an even greater asset to the district. He is a natural communicator with a calm professional manner, no matter what comes his way.

Ms. Zoie Liotta
Ms. Liotta is passionate about teaching children and helping them grow and achieve success. Ms. Liotta has a way of connecting with all kids, thus bringing out the best in them. She establishes strong social and emotional connections with her students. Additionally, as a member of the Language Immersion Committee this year, she played a part in bringing Spanish Immersion pilot to Cedar Creek Elementary for next year.

Mr. Dave Dilling
Mr. Dilling is a strong, relentless advocate for his students and their families. His ultimate priority is developing positive and trustworthy relationships with students. He creatively problem solves to produce success for all. Mr. Dilling starts all interactions with unconditional support by stating, "I care about you and I am here for you". He is a dedicated professional and our students excel because of him!

Innovation Award

For those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.

Ms. Tara Raygor
Ms. Raygor is constantly searching for ways to engage her students beyond traditional teaching methods. She recognizes and supports individual differences in her students' personalities, learning styles, and abilities. Ms. Raygor always embraces change and technology without losing sight of educational goals. For example, she allowed students to embrace their creativity to express their learning about the American Revolution by making music videos about the causes of the war. The students' projects were not only entertaining and creative, but thoughtful and focused as well (examples at ccelibrary.weebly.com/student-projects.html). As a seasoned educator, Ms. Raygor never just relies on past projects, but it always seeking out what is new and relevant in terms of best practices.

Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Mr. Steve Akery
Mr. Akery is a committed, patient, and flexible employee. He is dedicated, supportive, and shows and amazing level of kindness daily. He displays the utmost level of professionalism and supports students in their educational growth in a respectful and calm manner. His laid-back manner is comforting towards students and staff. With seemingly endless patience, Mr. Akery is always ready to help students with a smile on his face.

Ms. Denise Cullen
At any time of day, you can always find Mrs. Cullen assisting other staff members with a smile on her face. She eagerly accepts any task with an enthusiastic "yes!". She gives 110% to her job, co-workers, students, and parents each and every day. She arrives early, leaves late, and has even been seen driving back up to campus after leaving to help a co-worker resolve a problem. She is the epitome of the Mother Teresa quote, "Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." Thank you, Mrs. Cullen, for making all of our days happier, here at Cedar Creek!

Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Ward, Ms. Ehrlich and Ms. Sherrod
These wonderful women were instrumental in helping Cedar Creek develop a Spanish Immersion Pilot Program. They volunteered many hours to attend meetings and presentations, visit bilingual schools, study language research, and help disseminate information to the community. We are so lucky to have dedicated and enthusiastic parents joining us on this new adventure. It is a pleasure to work with a group of friendly and professional parents. They provide our committee with valuable insights, ask pertinent questions, and assist with community outreach. These outstanding women exemplify the very best of our Cedar Creek community.

Ms. Susie Frazer
Our butterfly garden needed a spring makeover. Ms. Frazer and her daughter watered, weeded, and spruced up our front garden display on their own time. Our garden is now blooming and shows our school pride thanks to the Frazers. Besides her amazing gardening work, Ms. Frazer is valued for her expertise in writing instruction and a willingness to collaborate with peers. She is a dream team member!