SEL Highlights Social-Awareness

Social-Awareness and caring for others is the EISD SEL focus for the third nine weeks. Empathy is being able to understand and value someone else's perspective. It's having compassion for others even when they are different.

There are many ways parents can support their children in learning how to be empathic and caring. Our children are watching our behaviors and paying attention to how we are treating others. One way is to teach our children acceptance and respect is to model empathetic, caring behavior. "Take an interest in helping others through community outreach [and] bring your kids when appropriate. Get involved in programs that promote diversity" and expose your children "to a wide range of people and cultures". Talk to your kids about your involvements and let them know tolerance and acceptance are important to you. "Open and honest communication is the best jumping off point for teaching kids about tolerance and empathy."

To learn other ways on how to teach your child tolerance and empathy, read "6 Great Ways to Foster Tolerance and Empathy in Your Children".

Another article that addresses the importance of modeling empathetic behavior is "Cultivating Empathy" by Harvard Graduate School of Education, Making Caring Common Project.