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Cedar Creek Elementary

Our School

Cedar Creek Elementary
3301 Pinnacle St.
Austin, Texas 78746

Phone: (512) 732-9120


Attendance: Login to SMART Tag Parent Portal to report an absence

Grades: K-5
Enrollment: 527
School Hours: 7:40 a.m.-2:50 p.m.

Boundary Map
District: Eanes Independent School District

Principal: Laura Coaxum*
Assistant Principal: Ashley Riley*
Principals' Secretary: Susan Bienz
Campus Secretary: Andrea Depwe
Safety Officer: Mike Cowden

* Campus Behavior Coordinator

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Ethnic Distribution

Cedar Creek Elementary serves the children of a highly educated community that has high expectations for its schools and generously supports them. Cedar Creek provides a comprehensive instructional program. Students in Grades K-5 receive Music, Art and PE instruction on a three-day rotation. All students are supported with a librarian, counselor, and a nurse. The campus has a Gifted and Talented teacher who works with identified students as well as regular classes.

Cedar Creek provides extensive services for special needs students. Resource teachers, Special Education homeroom teachers, Speech Therapy, and OT/PT programs meet a broad spectrum of needs. Cedar Creek provides English as a Second Language instruction for the diverse language needs of the campus population.

Built in 1978 and expanded twice, CCE provides special purpose rooms to supplement pods of classrooms that spoke off the heart of the building, the commons area. A new library/media center constructed in 1997 and the building infrastructure were enhanced to connect all computers to local- and wide-area networks.